Affordable & Reliable Hosting

With prices as low as $1.42/month along with free SSL certificates, CloudFlare RailGun, amazing reliability and performance you cannot go wrong with Ignero.

DDoS Protection

Our web hosting solution can filter up to 100Gbps or ~40 million PPS in a wide array of TCP and/or UDP attacks.


Our network and hardware allow you to host without worry. From enterprise hardware to amazing support, we got you covered.

Control Panel

Our solutions gives you all of the power you need at your fingertips. Simple and powerful.

Amazing Network

All of our virtual machines come with a standard 1Gbps port connected to multiple TIer-1 ISPs.

Amazing Support

Here at Ignero our support team with 8+ years of hosting experience is always ready to help.

Modern Hardware

All of our nodes and VPS are ran on the latest Intel and AMD CPUs which allows for maximum performance.

NVMe Storage

All of our servers are hosted with NVMe SSD drives to ensure that your data is moving as fast as it can.

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